We are a church made up of people from all kinds of different backgrounds, races, nations and ages who have discovered and accepted the transforming grace and kindness of Jesus Christ. His love and leadership is the reason and foundation of our church life together. 
Whether you’re a visitor or a member, we’d love you to connect with what we are doing as a local church and discover a rich variety of ways that you can join in with all that God is doing amongst us. We trust that you will find the content stirs you to ask God for ways in which you can make a difference for him wherever you live.


Our purpose is to establish a spiritual family of God’s worshippers and kingdom minded people.


Our vision is to build God’s kingdom within us and allow it to flow through us by becoming a blessing to others.

Our mission:

  • To equip the saints for the work of ministry.
  • To raise a great army of worshippers and prayer warriors
  • To set people free from satanic bondage
  • To train, equip and release people to fulfill their divine destinies
  • To raise godly fathers and mothers in our community
  • To raise leaders


  • Impacting members through relational fathering and discipleship
  • Organizing outreach
  • Making every family a house of prayer
  • Conferences and leadership gatherings
  • Prayer meetings
  • Affecting people lives through resources such as CDs, DVDs, publications, podcasts, etc.
  • Sowing seeds and teaching people to develop the giving spirit.
  • Missions and Mercy ministries